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No-Tillage Systems: Tine Seeder or Disc Seeder?

No-Tillage Systems: Tine Seeder or Disc Seeder?There is much debate in conservation agriculture (CA) circles on the relative merits of tine and disc seeders for establishing crops in uncultivated soil conditions. The seeding system is the soil and residue engaging component of a no-tillage seeder. The mechanics of how the seeding system interacts with soil and residue has many implications for its suitability to soil and residue conditions, and the sowing results. In a no-tillage context, the seeding system must fulfill many tasks, in one pass and at a realistic speed. Among these are the following five basic functions:
1. ‘Handling’ of surface residue, 2. Opening a continuous furrow, 3. Placing fertilizer, 4. Placing seeds, 5. Closing the furrow.
This factsheet outlines the Australian experiences with no-till tine and disc seeding systems and their implications for small-scale no-till seeder selection in the Central Asia region.

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